Dettol as a brand has stood for "trusted protection" in India since the 1930's. In order to advocate good hygiene practices among school children, Dettol embarked upon the School Handwash Program with the help of Jagran Solutions. The aim of the program was to educate children on the importance and procedure of a complete hand wash. More so, the aim was to position Dettol as the best product available for maintaining hygiene. Emphasis was put on washing hands regularly, as it is the single most important step a child needs to take to fight against germs causing illness. Jagran Solutions approached 28 schools across 5 cities with the concept of training kids about hygiene and its importance in day-to-day life. The activity, through its interactive sessions contacted over 3 lakh students. Along with distribution and display of informative leaflets, posters and standees on Handwash, students with 100% attendance were awarded the "Dettol 100% attendance award".

Dettol School Hand Wash Program