Telecom industry is heading towards a consolidation phase; a stage where Industry margins from core "voice" based business has shrunken to even lower levels. Thanks to the emergence of fresh players on the scene, it's further threatening to erode the profit margins. Sensing this all telecom players are now trying to get a grip of newer business avenues like Data cards, Broadband services, 3G and so on. MTS with the same objective launched its new offering: a data card service aptly named MBlaze that offers up to 3.1 MBPS of speed on the go. They wanted to promote MBlaze among the net savvy audience and wanted to increase brand awareness through innovative interactions. Before we conceptualized we knew that in order to get the maximum ROI from any activity, it was important to spot the right TA and touch points. We wanted to talk to people who had the financial capacity to buy a product worth Rs. 2500 and who were receptive and ready to test new products. We embarked on a 1-city promotion activity at Cafe Coffee Day and Barista outlets with the sole objective of letting visitors experience MBlaze. The results: product was sampled by more than 2 lac people in a short span of 1month. We garnered total leads close to 16 thousand and an encouraging 500 hot leads. The activity was soon carried across other cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Pune.

MTS MBlaze Promotion