Castrol CRB Turbo contains "Friction Guard" formulation that reduces friction at high engine temperature. Thus, it provides outstanding engine protection and extends engine life. The objective of the campaign was to convey this benefit of the product through interactions that increase brand awareness and sales, yet with a very low cost per contact plan. Keeping in mind such a challenge we set out to find more about our target audience. We found out that the vehicle is (in most of the cases) purchased on finance. Therefore, its owner cannot afford any breakdown time. His vehicle is his bread and butter and along with good mileage and less maintenance, he wants a longer life for his vehicle. We organized a one on one activity at selected locations with the main aim to interact with them in the most relevant manner possible, without losing a single opportunity! Our trained professionals interacted with them using a 'fleet owner story' led flip chart. The story is about Ganesh (a fictitious character), who has been facing a lot of maintenance problems and he does a sensible job when he changes his normal oil to CRB turbo. The story emphasized how a small decision made a huge difference to his business. Results: We were able to interact and touch base with 31,000 fleet owners during the activation period of 45 days across 30 cities in the country. Moreover, we could garner key information about them and create a valuable database with information that also included current oil brand used, fleet size and number of oil changes he does in a year. The interaction was concluded with a branded freebie as give away.

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