Just a mention of Chik Shampoo today gives rise to varied perceptions. To the rural and semi-urban female population of India, it is the preferred daily shampoo. Therefore, with the aim to maintain its image as a preferable and unfailing brand, Chik Satin partnered with us to reach to the young girls and gain their confidence by catering to their continuously evolving needs. As a result, Jagran Solutions conceptualized the experiential marketing program called 'Choo Lo Sitaaron Ko'. It was an initiative to give the target audience an experience of the brand and instill in them brand confidence through the use of the product. We planned an activation and took the brand to more than 690 schools across Delhi & NCR, UP and Maharashtra. The program began in mid week of November 2008 and culminated in mid March 2009, reached 404904 individuals & 202452 girls under 17 Yrs of age. The program was a huge success as we were able to communicate with the right target group with innovative audio/video interactions and localized communication in each zone. Therefore, despite exams we were able to witness a magnificent 17% participation. Post a dipstick survey it was found that brand recall of Chik Satin Shampoo was 80% among our audience. We were not surprised!

Chik Satin Choo Lo Sitaaron Ko