Microsoft's Internet Explorer has evolved over the years. IE8 was introduced to counter this. However, the challenge was to bring a change in perception of the users, as Internet Explorer was still viewed as the 'known stranger' among net users. Microsoft assigned Jagran Solutions, the job to change this perception and position IE (more specifically IE8) as a vibrant, safe and cool application. Our research revealed that 70% of total Internet population in India is between 15-34 years of age and a common place to connect with them all, is the Internet cafe. Hence, a User Driven Activation was carried out @ Internet Cafes across 14 cities in the country. The activation included mapping of the cafes, tele-calling, installation of IE8 followed by mystery audits and gratification (called Lollypops). We covered over 1094 cafes and installed IE8 in 7235 terminals successfully. After a period of 2 months more than 83% of the terminals were found installed with IE8, therefore suggesting increased usage and likeability.

Microsoft IE8 Explore Your Way