The big idea was 'Nokia Music Theatre: APNA SANGEET LAIYE HUM TAK, HUM PAHUCHIANGEY DUNIYA TAK', a platform that discovered and showcased the real music (Vocal / Instrumental) talent in India to the world. 'Nokia Music Theater on wheels' through Canter and Mall Activations traveled to 8 districts of Rajasthan from December, 2010 - February, 2011. It also invited participation through forms in local newspaper, SMS and by buying Nokia Music phones (X2, X6 or 5233). Nokia music phone demo was given throughout to create brand value. The campaign was divided into 3 phases that included - Talent search using Micro site and FB page as digital platform, Nokia Studio announcement, Music Schools and Talent Hubs, content creation for amplification, showcasing talent, strengthening content, associations/ partnerships via Digital + Mobile content as well as radio, AFP, Record deal, PR, Downloads and content sharing. We chose 2000 talents for the first audition from lakhs of people, which filtered to 15 participants for the FINAL MUSICAL ALBUM.

Nokia Music phones