The challenge was to restore Nokia's market share by making the launch of Nokia N8 a buzz amongst Target Style Leaders and the Adapters. We strategically integrated a media mix of Radio, Digital, P.R. and took the campaign - 'It's amazing technology' to 8 top cities, starting from Nov 17, 2010 to Jan 15, 2011, dividing it into 3 phases: 1) Fleet on Street program: A squad demonstrated N8's amazing features (12 MP camera, HD connect, Web TV, Unlimited music download) and asked the TG, "what will you do with it" 2) Mall Activations: 3 zones for Music, Movies and Sports were created and same question was asked. The answers were recorded as radio bytes, which went on-air (3 stations); were captured in videos for digital platform:, a micro-site especially created for the activation. 3) Celebrities from Sports, Music and Movies industry interacted with consumers online. 10 of the most widely spread videos got a chance to spend a day with them. The campaign reached out to 1.749 million people.

Nokia N8