Govt of Madhya Pradesh govt. has initiated a project to provide quality health services to the remote tribal places in an effort to ensure that everyone gets the basic quality health services based on the thought "if they are not able to come to us, we will go to them "especially in the state's tribal pockets, where population still does not have access to primary health facilities and they have no financial means to avail any medical facilities from the nearby cities. Based on these factors the mobile health clinic project was designed by Jagran Solution. Under this project we used mobile health clinics to provide free of cost health services to people belonging to SC/ST and other categories living below the poverty line. Jagran solutions planned and executed a pilot activity in 3 districts and the success of the project has prompted the MP state govt to expand the activity throughout MP with Jagran solutions at the helm providing logistic, technical and human resource support to the project for the execution.

Madhya Pradesh Government Mobile Health Van