Jagran Solutions Rural Marketing Services
Jagran Solutions Rural Marketing Services
Jagran Solutions Rural Marketing Services
Jagran Solutions Rural Marketing Services
Jagran Solutions Rural Marketing Services
Jagran Solutions Rural Marketing Services

Rural Marketing

Jagran Solutions Rural Marketing Services Jagran Solutions is leading Brand Activation and Rural Marketing Agency in India it has been enabling brands in reaching out to rural consumers and establishing a strategic connects with them.

India's rural population is at about three fourth of 1.21 billion, is more than double the total population of the United States. Top 3 contributors include Uttar Pradesh, Bihar & West Bengal.

The rural Indian market is witnessing steep growth and this growth is here to stay for decades. A number of factors are contributing the rural market boom. These include increase in population and hence increase in demand; a marked increase in the rural income due to agrarian prosperity; increase in standard of living; large inflow of investment for rural development programs from government and other sources; increased contact of rural with their urban counterparts due to development of transport and wide communication network, increase in literacy and educational level and resultant inclination to sophisticated lives by the rural folks.

On the other side Rural Markets throws unique challenges when it comes to marketing of products & services. Challenges such as inadequate distribution and logistics network, uneven infrastructure & communication facilities, inorganic demand, social and cultural challenges & for sure the correct media-mix.

These are few of many such factors which are positioning Rural as a challenge as well as an opportunity. Our services in Rural Marketing are helping organizations to leverage the full potential of Rural India.

Here is our spectrum of Rural Marketing Services

With our network of 9 offices and affiliate network of 80+, we have the reach to cover the deepest of the Rural India with village size as low as 500 people.

Few Case Studies:

Dabur Odomos Lotion Dabur Odomos Lotion
When Odomos wanted to reach rural masses with the launch of Odomos Mosquito repellant lotion Jagran Solutions designed a rural campaign called: Mosquito Free Movement: A drive to remove mosquitoes from villages.

Simple tools like flip charts, skits, movie screenings, advocacy by local health workers were used. Film screening in evenings were conducted which provided a relevant opportunity for sampling as mosquitoes erupt during that time. As a result, Odomos witnessed massive growth in value terms in target markets with a cumulative campaign reach of more than 1.21 Million people.

Public Health Programs Public Health Programs
State Governments from three large states with huge rural population assigned Jagran Solutions the task to improve the availability of and access to quality health care by people, especially for those residing in rural markets.

In order to cater to masses in large numbers and to reach out to the most remote places in the backward states of India, Jagran Solutions strategized to create a mobile clinic of sort to reach out to the remotest of the areas and to cater to the needy patients, spreading awareness under the National Rural Health Mission Program. The mobile clinics were equipped with facilities for pathological tests, X-Ray, ECG and Minor Operations along with an expert team of Doctor, Nurse and other support staff. These vans are catering to the most vulnerable sections of the society bringing smiles on the face of millions of rural people.

HLL Saheli Contraceptive HLL Saheli Contraceptive
HLL's Saheli Contraceptive Pills saw a positive response and awareness through on ground rural activation. The much ignored issue of contraceptive pills was given importance and women were educated to take responsibility to control the issue of population growth.

Jagran Solution reached out to these women with a campaign called "Grah Saheli" which aimed at finding women of substance, testing her various dimensions, testing each small skill that she possesses, giving her confidence by making her realize that each thing she does is different and good for family. The interaction was done through engaging and interesting seminars conducted at various village locations. The message of HLL's contraceptive pills was interwoven in these interactive sessions.

While we present few cases here, there is also a need for marketers to try new tools of reaching their target audience in rural markets.

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